Maggie Paul C.A. performs two basic processes for the manufacture of containers and lids, and that are certified under ISO 9001:2008: injection and blow molding  in addition to the equipment for the labeling of containers and lids punching.


The containers are manufactured by blow molding high-tech machines. The process begins with the mixing and heating of the resin (HDPE) for forming a parison in a blow mold;  then an air pressure inside the parison causes the material adhere the mold walls, allowing the formation of the container, once the cooling cycle has finished  the mold is opened and the product is extracted.


Subsequently, the container is submitted to a leak detection test to ensure the filling of the product functionality; it is automatically labeled according to customer specifications, either by shrink labels or sticky labels. 

The lids are manufactured by injection molding process, in this process, the resin mixture is injected directly into the mold to shape the desired part.


We have a lids punching process in which we apply a sheet of aluminum and / or polystyrene (PS) foam for products required by the client in order to guarantee the safety, preservation and protection of the product to be packaged.


Throughout the manufacturing process of containers and lids the Department of Quality Assurance verifies and analyzes the raw materials used, in addition inspects the finished product through testing and analysis based on COVENIN Standards, in order to certify the product quality and ensure total customer satisfaction.